Made from clay to fired tile by us here in our studios. First we make a plaster mold & choose the design to be carved into it, next, clay is rolled manually over the molds to imprint the design. Approximately 25-40 tiles can be produced from each mold before another will need to be made. The tiles are then allowed to air dry for 7-10 days before they go for the bisque firing, heating up to close to1800 degrees . After cooling the color combinations are chosen for the glazing. The glazes in their dry form look nothing like after the firing, they are dull, with no luster or color. It takes many years of practice to properly combine colors, and skillfully glaze the tiles to get the deep, rich colors that are create these unique colorful creations. The final glaze firing follows next, and takes 8-10 hours, then an additional 8 hours of cooling before being unloaded from the kiln. Framing is the final step, accenting the tile, and allowing them to be hung and displayed in a prominent place of your choosing. Each one is a work of art. Custom orders are always welcome.

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