Artists and creators of original skull and skeleton themed ceramics

We have designed and produced a unique chain of innovative and adventurous ceramics, often with a skeleton theme, featuring a variety of pieces from tonic and potion bottles, altar pieces, jewel boxes, plates and platters, figurines to paintings and much more. These handmade creations have been sold to happy collectors worldwide since 1990. Besides ceramics we designe artistic tile environments, make custom art, tattoos and practically anything involving a creative process!!!

Potion bottles like no other!

bottles and potions

One of a kind and limited editions of tonic and potion ceramic bottles, meticulously handglazed see more

New additions!

sterling silver jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry we added to our shop is going fast, get yours while it lasts, ones these pieces are gone, they are gone!!! see more

Why Skulls?

people ask WHY SKULLS?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is: "Why Skulls?", here are a few more

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Tile Jewelry Altar Pieces Bottles Jewel Boxes Plates and Platters FigurinesMixed Media MUSEUM

  • Custom ceramic tile.

  • Art of Skellramics studio.

  • Collection of one of a kind altar pieces.

  • One of a kind and limited edition ceramic jewel boxes.

  • Paintings and custom work.